Building Services

Project Management

Once the design is complete, we can prepare digital documents to obtain permits, as well as bid documents and help secure optimal pricing for your build. We can also work with your chosen contractor to insure the design and construction meet your intended schedule and budget.


Precision Building

Working closely with the End Vision Design team our builders will create your unique space. From small bathrooms to medium sized kitchens or complete overhauls, our team can provide you optimal quality and precise construction.

Custom Furniture

The End Vision team will first design and then construct custom furniture pieces to your specification. We have CNC machines and trained professionals who can do 1 or 10,000 pieces.  

When you're ready to build, you're ready to build. It's really that simple. You've run through the design process and finalized your decisions and now it's time to elect a team to execute on the design. 

There's are hundreds of potential service providers in your area that can perform so what questions should you ask yourself?

1) Do I need a general contractor?>

2) Are you (the homeowner) pulling the permit(s), or the contactor helping with the job?

3)Did you or your design team bid the job? 

4) From the team of bidders, which team can execute the job in a schedule that makes sense?

5) What are the payment terms requested by the contractor?

6) What is the reputation of the firm? 

7) Does the firm have examples of previously completed works?

8) Is the team fully insured? (all contractors on-site should be carrying insurance)

9) How often does your contractor plan to be on-site with subs?

10) How will the team you elect communicate with you, how often?


These are the questions you'll need to know before making a decision. The End Vision Team can provide all of this and more. Our team of designers will help you through the first part and pass it off to one of our construction teams who are familiar with our design, and proper construction techniques. 


You benefit by having a single team handle the entire process from design through construction. This will enable better, faster communication resulting in a precise build-out based entirely on the design. 



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