A 3D Image is worth a 1,000,000 words ...

Communicate your vision

Not everyone can see the forest through the trees, we can help  you communicate to your builder, designer or spouse what your design intent is so you can make intelligent decisions moving forward.

Everyday DIY People!
You can build it yourself, of course you can! Unfortunately your town, HOA or neighbor needs to see the plan too. We will help you develop, outline, and communicate your ideas. At the end of our time together you'll have a fully developed plan with how to move forward with your build.
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We get it. DIY is about a sense of accomplishment. It means - "I can do it myself." Every time we fail is just another lesson to add to the experience box.


There is a way to fail ... less.


Planning. The End Vision Visual Design Group can inexpensively help any DIY homeowner to plan their more complex projects. Even those projects which are less complex, like painting a room - the End Vision team can help you see what it will look like with a specific color on every wall of your home. 


Don't get bogged down by disagreements on design ideas. We can help you keep a living model of your home for future projects, or for when you sell your home. If you're one of our customers we'll hold onto your files indefinitely for free!  Don't wait - contact us today to get a free in-home estimate! 


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