Project Managers manage projects. 

Project Managers do a lot. 

It's not enough to be good at construction. 

It's not enough to be great at managing schedules. 


The Construciton Project manager has to be able to manage people, personalities, schedule, design and budget.  From small to large tasks the role is the same, to keep all the parts of the project moving while informing the owners of the over-arching progress. 


As a project management team we focus on elminating the stress on the owner(s). It is our goal to resolve issues before they arise, and if they arise - quickly draw those issues to conclusion. 


The Project manager works directly for the owners on the project and are answerable to those owners. 


The PM team will open a shared cloud drive and share that resource with the build team. The owners will have full and unfettered access to these folders and the material within. A running tally of hours spent, issues resolved or RFI's in progress will be sent to the owner each week, or divulged in weekly coordination calls. 


The End Vision will be on site, day and night or day and night until the project reaches fruition. Take the stress off you, put it where it belongs. 

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