End Vision Pricing

At The End Vision visual design group, our team has a goal of providing affordable services that fit your budget.  Our pricing is the same for each new customer, with spectacular strategic alliance pricing available. 

Easy to Understand Pricing

We can work with within your budget


$299.99 Charge for time and travel to proposed site location.  Measurement will cover up to 2000 sq ft. Output is PDF. 

$175.00 discounted measurement fee when you're working with one of our 

preferred contractors.

$75 Per hour, consultation only which includes travel. 


$1.75 per sq ft., our team will execute your vision. Using a collaborative cloud drive we will coordinate with our client to create visualizations at their direction.
Up to 3 options per space. 
Min 3 Renderings per space. 


Choosing this option means you are the designer, our job is to implement your design and represent that to potential contractors and the authority having jurisdiction.


$2.75 per sq ft. , our team will isolate and take the lead on finish selections while illustrating those potential choices digitally using state of the art digital software. End Vision will also produce animation fly-throughs as well as 3 renderings per space. 


Choosing this option makes the End Vision team the lead designer, allowing you to focus on other things - while still maintaining veto power over all design.

Realtors Support Line

Additional support to help sell your listing in a shorter amount of time


Are you selling a home without a floor plan and see a quick measurement, floor plan and area calculation done?


$1.75 a sq ft. Spend less marketing dollars and get discounts for multiple rooms and defer payment! Contact us for more information.

Renderings included! 

When you get End Vision support, we'll include the renderings of your space along with your floor plans and design for the same great price! 

Realtors who have strategic alliance agreements with End Vision can participate in our delayed payment programs. Contact us for more details. 

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