Benefits of a Stategic Alliance

We recognize as a company that there are many challenges to the market place, not the least of which is marketing. We spend a fair bit of time & money to market our brand and so it’s worth it to us, if we don’t have to.

A strategic Alliance for us is any organization who is willing to sign an exclusivity agreement with the
End Vision team. These agreements simply state that you're team will use our team exclusively for a period of time.

Typical Strategic Alliances result in reducing fees by 33%! In addition certain addon elements, potentally not included with the package that was chosen, might become available at no additional cost.

We value the time, and schedule of every project that crosses our digital door however, Strategic Alliance members will hold a priority status on impending and future projects.


 SA Members who wish to lower fees even further can inquire within regarding retainer value discounts.

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