Define The Colors of  your life. 

Our Color Services

Color Consultation

FREE when you use our paint team. Our team will walk through the colors you love, suggest colors that work with your current or future decor and illustrate what that might look like in 3d. 


Anyone can paint, not every team can paint well. Our professional team will leave you breathless as experts outline and emerse your space in rich beautiful colors and patterns your friends and family will envy! 

Deck Revitalization

Outdoor spaces are just as important as our indoor spaces. The End Vision team can make that old deck new again, sanded, restained and ready for the next 10 years of its life.

Color is mood. Color - in the right hands and right application evokes emotion. Certain colors brighten, while others darken and there is a balance to strike between the two. 


Beginning with your design pallete, the End Vision team will create and marry the colors that work within a scheme to promote a design suited to your tastes. 

If you're a DIY type of person, the colors are then yours to engage the walls of your home. If you don't have time, or aren't confident in your painting skills, or tools, The End Vision team can help there as well. 

Working within your budget, we'll schedule a team to come out and deliver excellent quality interior or exterior paint jobs.   


The best part, if you're already using our design team, there's a discount on your paint job as well. 

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