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June 2019
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June 22, 2019

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Relationship: Client
Project Date: June 2018
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999
Tony is an incredible designer and professional! Throughout our project, he remained incredibly communicative and engaged on our design. The final designs for our project included creative solutions to problems no other designer could figure out. Tony has an incredible skill for listening to his client and putting our needs as a priority, something others in his field seem to lack. Tony was able to create a 4th bedroom in our home by redesigning our first floor, an addition that will create value in our home when we decide to rent or sell it. He does a great job collaborating on projects so that he produces renderings that are essentially a beautiful representation of what you verbalize to him. The final product allows us to act as our own General Contractor, pull permits with his plans, and get through the HOA wickets when needed. There is tremendous value placing emphasis on the planning/design work on the front end in order to greatly reduce surprises during your project. A truly talented and creative professional, Tony is the only designer I will work with in the future.
 1 Like    June 12, 2018
Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2018
Project Price: less than $1,000
Tony at End Vision is an incredibly talented individual that works tirelessly to provide you with the highest quality design work. Given I have a contractor in my family, I was only looking for renderings I could use to pull a permit to expand our bathroom. We needed some serious help with designing the space and many of the architects I talked to were well out of my price range for only 167 square feet. Fortunately, I gave Tony a call and his work blew me away. Furthermore, his prices are incredible. Tony charges $1.50 per square foot and will come out and measure your entire space for an additional fee. All in all, we paid right at $400.00 for the entire bathroom design and measurement. You will not find better. Tony figured out a way to arrange the space so it included everything we wanted and more. Tony kept in contact with us throughout the entire process to ensure everything was exactly the way we wanted it. One of my favorite things End Vision does is that they give you 3D models of the space you're designing, rather than bland architectural drawings that rarely show much other than the layout of the space. The 3D models helped us not only to decide on the layout but also all the intricate details of the space. We're excited to get started on our project!
 1 Like    April 30, 2018


Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2017
Project Price: less than $1,000
 1 Like    December 28, 2017


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